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Drag Racing my '66 Chevelle

Although long overdue, I finally made it to the dragstrip to run my Chevelle and I had a great time. I made three passes and improved my times on each run, a perfect first outing. On my first run, the car next to me was a serious racer and so loud I could hardly hear myself think. Even so, I managed a pretty good reaction time of 0.37 seconds, although I bogged a little before shifting into 2nd gear and only made an ET of 16.48 seconds.

My second and third runs were much better, with quicker reation times and faster ETs. On the third run I managed a reaction time of just 0.06, and an ET 15.26 going 91 MPH. Check out the timeslips, some pictures from my first night at the dragstrip, and video of my second run!

Link to "Dragracin" Video File

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