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Restoration - From the Beginning

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I bought my 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle in 1997 after looking for more than a year for a good candidate. As you can see it looked pretty bad on the exterior, but actually had no rust, a straight body, and an almost completely rebuilt engine. It was running smooth, and left lots of room for work and improvements in other areas, which is exactly what I wanted.

After getting the Chevelle back to my house, I started planning on how I was going to resurrect it and restore it the way I wanted. The cowl and door tags confirmed my new project was a 2 door Malibu Sport Coupe, a level of Chevelle just below the Super Sport, this one originally with Sandlewood Tan exterior paint and a Two-Tone Fawn interior trim. No original Air Conditioning or Power Steering.

I thought briefly about restoring the car back to a completely stock look, but it already had a 350 Small Block Chevy powerplant, Hooker Competition headers, and an Edelbrock 4 Barrel Carburator among other improvements. Besides, I really wanted to swap the automatic "slush box" transmission for a Muncie 4 speed 'cause I love to shift. I also wanted to upgrade the handling and braking systems for an all around better and safer ride.

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